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October 2012

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Stephanie, Why do you call yourself a Medium?

I've been asking God and meditating on what to write about in my blog. Well I believe today I was shown.  I am grateful because it was a topic I really feel deeply about.  So thank you to this very special person who helped me tap into my feelings and share them not just with them but now with everyone.  
Below is a response I felt led to share after being asked about my work and title as a medium. 

I always welcome positive guidance. I appreciate Bible verses as well.  I have been given several over the past year about the work I do.  So much so that I believe its time for me to share with everyone, if you don't know me how I feel about the work I do.  
I tell everyone that all my abilities are a gift from God. I acknowledge Him in all things. No one could ever sway my faith in Christ. Many of my clients are non believers. They ask me about Christ and God and I tell them what I believe. I tell them that part of the work I do is to lead them if they so want to be led to a deeper and closer relationship with God. An example I use is a picture of a church. The Cross is on the outside of the church as a beacon. The box is the religion inside - makes no difference what religion it is. Christ (The cross) is outside bringing light to those looking for him. I am on the outside now. My mission is to bring God's healing to those who need it. So many people tell me they are lost and confused and do not go to church anymore. I tell them that Christ, God is inside your heart. All you have to do is open your heart and talk. For me over the past few years the veil between earth and Heaven is thin. I can see and hear loved ones who have crossed over. Often I hear guidance from those on the other side. This is why I call myself a spiritual medium. I want to let others know that their loved ones are happy in Heaven and that death is a part of life but not the end. My path as a spiritual medium is to help heal the grief so many feel after a loved one crosses over. All the healing work I do is from the Holy Spirit. I strive to be a clear and perfect channel for His work. We are all connected to God. We are from Him and therefore we are pure love. I do not have the fears I grew up with anymore. I don't fear names or titles and what is said in certain passages. I know in my heart I am connected to God/Christ/Holy Spirit, and no one or anything will break that bond. 
Just wanted to share, not to convince anyone of anything but to give a better perspective on my life's work. 
Stephanie Van Hoose

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