Stephanie Van Hoose - Spiritual Medium, Medical Intuitive, Anchor Thought Repatterning


"Summon Bonum Beneficium"
Service for The Highest Good

The Academy is deeply committed to our students and practitioners.  Our mission is to offer the highest levels of intuitive education with a focus on service to humanity.  
We understand that a life dedicated to service begins with passion and commitment.  Whether you are just beginning or an advanced practitioner, our instructors are ready to help you expand all your abilities!


Guest Speaker Series 

May 20th 1-4

Mark Hoops, RMT
"An Energy Experience"

Spend an afternoon connecting with a variety of energies, building toward a combination that you find quite powerful. 
Experience with Reiki or other energetic modalities helpful but not necessary. Beginners will receive assistance and will work with all levels of energy workers to combine for an incredible experience!
Mark has been an energy and light worker for decades.  Those attending this workshop are will be the 1st to experience Mark's New Discoveries in the field of energetic healing!


Foundation course 
Admission interview required 


Intuitive Development is an intensive 7 week program.  The program is designed to open and expand your intuitive connection.  , Students will learn to connect and channel messages from their intuition, guides, and angels.  The program includes weekly assignments, a practicum, and an introduction to Spiritual mediumship.  You will receive a full syllabus in your registration packet.  By the end of the course you will feel confident in the messages you receive for yourself and your daily life.


Prerequisite Intuitive Development I
Or demonstration of Advanced Intuitive Abilities


This is an advanced 8 week course designed to expand  student abilities/skills learned in Intuitive Development.  This course will introduce channeling with Archangels, ascended masters, guides, and loved ones connected to the client. Instruction will include several practicums to include, land/building clearings.  Everyone is intuitive, but not every intuitive is a medium. 
The instructor will work closely with the students to identify if mediumship abilities are present.  If this is the case, the student will have the option to test for Mediumship Certification, otherwise students will graduate with Level II Certification with their specific specialties.